Film-making Final Projects 5th year 2018

Congratulations to all my 5th year students for their hard work and dedication!!   I’m very proud of you for your Final work!!

I’m very happy to show your Projects and share them here:Luz, cámara, acción

Ricky IV by Franco Benedetti, Franco Martinez, Jordi Bustos and David Peralta is a short film about the topic of bullying. How does this story of bullying end? Just watch and see!

Quentin Tarantino is a short documentary film about the famous film director. What makes him unique? Watch and find out. It was made by Serena, Lucia, Manuel and Matias.

Camp Rock Film Trivia shows curious facts you didn’t know about the famous Disney film. It was made by Lucero, Camila, Lis, Anna and Luciana.

If you like cartoons, don’t miss Game over about the topic of addiction to technology. It was created by Juliana Tello, Ignacio diez, Facundo Diaz and Franco Bermeo. Voice-over by Juliana. 

As directors and producers of your own films, why did you choose these topics?  You’re welcome to leave your comments!

2 thoughts on “Film-making Final Projects 5th year 2018

  1. Franco Martínez, Franco Benedetti, Jordi and David
    We chose this kind of message because the bullying is a very important thing to solve, and we think that this problem can make a teenager more violent and it makes insecurity and fear in the victim of that kind of problem; because of this a lot of kids and teenagers don’t go to school for bear of the bullies.
    These social problems need a fast and special solution or special help by the authorities of the school and the families of the bullies and victims.

  2. Juliana, Ignacio, Facundo and Franco Bermeo
    We used this topic to think about how into the technology we are that we let the life go away.

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