Your class e-book is ready!

ugly-ducklingCongratulations to my 3rd year students for your project!!!

I am proud to announce your class e-book is born: The Fake Classics, title suggested by Valentina Oviedo and the one that was the most voted by you.

You can own download your copy and keep it in your virtual library.

I hope you have enjoyed doing this project and I would like you to leave your comments about it:

What did you like about this project?

Which story did you like best (apart from yours)?

Traditional children’s stories revisited

Welcome to our Project for this year!

We are going to make an e-book with your own versions of traditional children’s stories.

Choose one you like and make some changes to it. You can change the time, place, characters, you can introduce new elements as in the story we read called Little Red Rining Tone, remember? Grandma had a mobile phone and sent Little Red Riding Hood a text message with a shopping list for her. Quite modern, isn’t it?

Also, you can change part of the plot. Do you want to give the story a different ending?

Once all your stories are ready, you’ll present them to your classmates and finally, I’ll make the e-book and upload it here for you all.

Let’s start writing!