Exámenes finales

Cronograma de exámenes finales 2022

Próxima fecha de examen final: miércoles 5 de octubre. 10h. MODALIDAD PRESENCIAL.


Tal como lo establece el REP, la próxima fecha de examen final libre dividido será en el llamado de febrero-marzo 2023.

IMPORTANTE: una vez aprobada la primera parte del examen dividido (examen escrito) ese resultado NO figurará en el SIU. Tampoco será necesario asentar el resultado del dividido escrito en la libreta para rendir la segunda instancia (oral).
La cátedra conserva un registro de las actas de los exámenes divididos escritos.

Examen final dividido. Instructions

Date and time: Wednesday 3rd of August from 10-12 (VIRTUAL)

Enrolment: Students wishing to take the test must enroll in Google Classroom by clicking the following link:


Exam description

1) At 9:55 you will have to enter a Google Meet video conference by clicking the following link


2) It will be a requirement that you have your camera ON at all times during the examination. It’s important that you mute your computer so that ambient noise from other participants does not disturb you during the exam. You may use any device for connecting to the videoconference as long as you ensure connectivity throughout the examination.

3) At 10.00 you will find the topics and instructions for your question assignment writing via the Google Classroom.

4) You start working on your  question assignment with your camera on. (You may write on paper and then make a clean copy on a Word document or simply write on the computer, whatever is more suitable to you. We advise the latter to save time, though.)

5) You have 2 (two) hours for the test.

6) You can use all your reference books (online or paper), except for the bilingual dictionary.

7) In case you have any question, you may use the chat box in the platform to communicate with your professor.

8) When you finish your text, you must submit it to the corresponding task in Google Classroom in a .doc /docx/rtf document (NOT pdf). Name your file “dividido_last name”, e.g. dividido_gomez. In case you have any problem accessing the Classroom, you may send it by email to lenguainglesa3unlp@gmail.com (please, make this an exception!)

9) Submissions will be accepted up to 12.30. Texts received AFTER that time will NOT be considered for correction.

Se sugiere a los alumnos consultar el REP acerca de los plazos en los cuales podrán continuar con la segunda etapa de esta modalidad.

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