This Is My Life

Hello my name is Tiago, I´m thirteen years old, I´m from La Plata, We are four in my family and my cat Hinata

 I like music: Rock and Rap                      

I like Anime

I like Netflix: movies and series

I like Japon

I like animals: cats, dogs and rabbits  

  My favorite sport is tennis

I don´t like football 

I don´t like Terror

I don´t like asparagus

I’ll put a link and you’ll have to guess ¿Guess who I am in the video?

I’m a musician. I used to play with my dad the violin, I left it and a few months later I started to be a bass player and to be in a «band». In my school we have different types of instruments and I decided on the piano so I play 2 instruments and I’m happy with my decision


My favorite band is called Gorillaz and it’s a very good alternative rock band. Other of my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, etc … if I continue I do not finish anymore so I leave it like this for the moment and see what the future holds for me.

I would love to be a voice actor and obviously make my own band


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