2nd year 2012: Final Project about World Leaders of Human Rights

Congratulations to all of you for creating your digital posters!

You can click on the links to see them:

Nelson Mandela: http://sacla.edu.glogster.com/nelson-mandela/ by Clara, Santiago and Jeremías

Mahatma Gandhi: http://zoemadera.edu.glogster.com/mahatma-gandhi/ by Victoria, Zoe, Milagros and Martina and http://felipec.edu.glogster.com/edit/mohandas-gandhi3/ by Lucía, Alejo, Felipe, Ignacio and Juan B

Michelle Obama: http://micaelap.edu.glogster.com/michelle-obama/ by Micaela, Catalina and Camila

Mother Teresa of Calcutta: http://ivancito.edu.glogster.com/madre-teresa-de-calcuta by Iván, Vicente and Nicolás

And here’s a PowerPoint presentation about Martin Luther King  by Agustina, Luisina, Lautaro and Joaquín:

Martin Luther King (PPT)