Mysteries Project 2018 revealed

The day has come to share your Projects, congratulations to all of you for your interesting work!

If you are curious about ancient enigmas underwater, watch this presentation about Atlantis by Sabina, Ángeles, Rebeca, Bianca and Julia.

Are you into mysteries like Area 51? Then have a look at this Prezi by Maite, Lucas, Joaquín and Franco.

How about listening to this podcast with some scary mysteries? Mobe’s podcast was created by Mateo and Beltrán.

What would you do if you had to find a way out in this situation? Listen to Escape Room podcast and find out. The story was invented by Nicolás, Julián, Felipe, Jano and Kevin.

If you enjoyed the previous stories, then read and watch The Mystery of the Talking Bird, a story by Santiago and Valentino. You won’t imagine the ending, but don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you, I don’t intend to spoil it, but you’ll be surprised…just watch and you’ll see!