Final Project: Let’s go to the cinema!

Congratulations to my 5th year students of the first term of the year for your final work!!!

I’m very proud of you and happy to show your projects in my blog!

Now everybody out there, get ready! Get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the videos they made:


A film trailer based on Peppa Pig by Franco, Joaquín and Lucas. They chose some scenes of the well-known series and used the app called Narrator’s voice to convert the script they invented from text to voice. And here is the result. Well done, boys!

Pay Day, a short film by Felipe, Santiago, Julián, Nicolás Agüero and Jano. What happens when a group of thieves hack the security system and plan their robbery, but also have some time to listen to their favourite song?

The Final trailer was made by Maite, Valentina, Beltrán and Mateo. What happens when a student is «hooked» by the screen of his computer? What will his desperation lead him to do? Watch and see!  Special thanks to the teacher Emilio Garcia Munitis and the student Juan Balaguer for collaborating in this project! Great acting and very good English!!

A video interview to celebrities on TV by Julia, Bianca, Ángeles, Sabina and Rebeca. Are you into celebrity gossip? Then, don’t miss this programme! But always watch the weather forecast first!

A short film, a thriller at school by Valentino, Nicolás Melía and Kevin. Fiction inside fiction. A group of students don’t know what to do for their final English project. They have been absent to the last class and now they need to fix the situation and pass their final. What will they do? Coming soon! It needs a little editing.



This Is My Life

Hello my name is Tiago, I´m thirteen years old, I´m from La Plata, We are four in my family and my cat Hinata

 I like music: Rock and Rap                      

I like Anime

I like Netflix: movies and series

I like Japon

I like animals: cats, dogs and rabbits  

  My favorite sport is tennis

I don´t like football 

I don´t like Terror

I don´t like asparagus

I’ll put a link and you’ll have to guess ¿Guess who I am in the video?

I’m a musician. I used to play with my dad the violin, I left it and a few months later I started to be a bass player and to be in a «band». In my school we have different types of instruments and I decided on the piano so I play 2 instruments and I’m happy with my decision


My favorite band is called Gorillaz and it’s a very good alternative rock band. Other of my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, etc … if I continue I do not finish anymore so I leave it like this for the moment and see what the future holds for me.

I would love to be a voice actor and obviously make my own band