Personal presentation

Hi! My name is Ciro, I,m 13 years old and I,m from La Plata. I study in Bellas Artes​, I,m in second year. I live whit my mother and my sister
Lucrecia and I have two cats . In my free time I like drawing, listening music and watching videos on my cellphone. I almost like traveling on Holidays and swimming in the sea.

Mini Project: My personal introduction, Camilo

Hi! I’m Camilo I’m thirteen, I live in La Plata and I study in Bachillerato Bellas Artes. I do not have a brother, but I have four cousins in Mar del Plata, like the rest of my family.
At school I like things like Ethics or History. When I’m in the summer holidays I like doing surf or bodyboard and acting.
I watch “Bones” and “How I met your mother”
I listen to Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots, both of them are from the US.
I have a female dog, she is called Sofia, she is a bit dumb and lazy

Mini project: my personal introduction: Maite

Hi! My name is Maite, I´m 13 years old, i´m from La Plata . i´ve got one sister ,and two dogs. Me and my sister play hockey, since we were child.

In my free time, I like playing hockey , watching films, dancing  ,and singing .At the moment one of my favourite song is «Shape of you». My favourite film is «Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets», my favourite food is pasta and my favourite color is blue

In the future I will like to work as a fashion designer, but at the moment I´m keping thinking what I will do. Mabye I decide to do another thing


goodbye! Maite



Mini Project: My personal introduction, Rosario

Hello, my name is Rosario but they call me Dodi or Dodó.
I’m from La Plata, Argentina. I’m 13 years old.
I have a little sister, her name is Julia; my mum is Inés and my dad is Gastón

  My high school is Bachillerato de Bellas Artes:

My school's yard

My school’s yard

Here you can study Music and plastic arts, I choose Plastic Art but I love music.
I like a lot bands like: The Beatles, Aerosmith, Oasis, Queen, Coldplay, Duran Duran, etc.


My favourites films are: Star Wars, Back To The Future, Stand By Me and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.


  I like reading, among my favourite books are: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, Caidos del Mapa and Aristóteles and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.


  I love cats! I have a little cat, her name is Luna, for Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

I have a fan-page in Instagram, the name is: “Las Hermanas Granger” with my friends: Mili and Cata.



My Personal Introduction, Lucero

Hi my name Is Lucero, but my friends call me Lu. I have 13 years old. I’m from La Plata, Buenos Aires and Igo to the secondary school «Bachillerato de Bellas Artes»I have a younger brother and a cat.

My favourite subjects are Physics and Mathematics, and the one I Like the least is History.

The music that I like most is pop, and almost all the songs I listen to are in English, and now my favourite song is Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. In my “free time” I like to see Netflix (I love it), get together with my friends and use the phone. My favourite series are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girls and 13 Reasons Why (although I have many more)








My Personal Introduction, Germán

Hello!! My name is Germán.

I’m 13 years old and my birthday is on 9th of July, I was born in Mendoza, Argentina.

I live with my father and mother, their names are Victor and Marcela, I have a cat named Tara, I don’t have brothers.


My mother born in Mendoza, and my father in Cuba. My favourite colours are green, orange and yellow. I like playing football, my position is goalkeeper or forward, I follow River Plate, my team and my passion.


I love playing videogames, my favourite games are Pokemon and Fifa.

I go to the Secondary school, Bachillerato de Bellas Artes. I’m in second year. I’m in the art orientation; talking about that, I love art. I want be an artist, like Van Gogh or Picasso.

My favourite food is pasta.

I like science fiction films, adventure and cartoons.

My favourite films are Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, Harry Potter, Spiderman, and more.

I want to travel to Japan, it is so beautiful and I like animes so, travelling to Japan is a dream for me.

  • Germán