Our favourite things

Welcome to our first mini project my dear second-year students this year!

We all have different interests, and things we love. My favourite pictureMy passion is teaching English, and I love learning, too. There are three things I can’t live without: books, music and Art.

Here’s my favourite picture at home, it´s very special for me, it’s got very soft colours and the drawings ‘go out’ of the frame:

I love making handcraft. One of my favourite objects is a glass clock I made years ago, with the technique called Tiffany, for making vitraux or glass objects. I love workiMy glass clockng with glass, it’s magical, every object you make with this technique is unique.

I love language and enjoy learning about new words and phrases, reading, specially fantasy and mystery stories and watching films. In my free time I like meeting my friends and I love getting together with my family. Sometimes I go for walks in our wood and listen to my favourite music. I like pop, classical rock, and a music style called classical crossover, a fusion of classical, opera music and pop. One of my favourite singers with that style is Sarah Brightman. She is a British singer and is very famous for musicals like The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and others. I listened to her at the Luna Park, in Buenos Aires, in 2009, it was a great concert! Here you can watch a clip of that song when she sang here again in 2013:

What about you? What are your favourite things? Who are your favourite people? What do you love doing in your free time?