World Mysteries Project: Atlantis

There are many mysteries concerning places all over the world.

You have surely heard about Atlantis, the lost city. Did it really disappear or is it just another myth? Has this ever been solved?

Let’s explore the mystery in this presentation made by Lucía Calle, María Emilia Castillo, Angela Ripa, María José Rojo and Ignacio Marano.

World Mysteries Project

Welcome to our Final Project!

We are going to explore the topic of mysteries and reflect on it. You are going to speak about it and prepare a multimedia presentation about a mystery you are interested in. It must include text, image and sound.pyramids

Use the questions below as a guide. You can use PPT, Prezi (10 slides maximum) or Google docs for a digital poster and Windows Movie Maker if you decide to make a video, ten minutes long maximum.

If you make a visual presentation with any of the tools above, remember to add an interesting video.

Guiding questions:

What is the mystery about? Give the basic information.

Has it been solved? If not, what do you think about it?

Can you find it in popular culture? Are there films, songs, books, video games, comics, etc. based on it or related to it?

Is there a similar mystery in our country?

Why do people like mysteries? Why has Man usually been attracted to world mysteries for centuries?